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Roofing Contractors Insurance


We specialize in and target roofing insurance clients when most agencies view roofing as just a hard to place coverage process when someone calls in looking for it. We have carriers at the agency and brokers from across the country that we have established relationships with that specialize in roofing insurance. Our pricing tends to be lower, the process of obtaining coverage is easier, and we are simply more knowledgeable. We even have relationships with contractor associations that give the clients additional discounts on their insurance premiums for joining. We have pay as you go coverage options for those who qualify, we have refund of premium features for roofers with great claims experience, and even if you have had a history of claims we can still find affordable options for the company. The vast majority of the time we can find coverage that other agents can’t for pricing that is much better than other agents can provide due to our specialization in this type of insurance. It is something that we do every day here at the agency and we have built an expertise in this field. We can find Workers Compensation insurance for operations with no prior insurance experience, just one year of prior insurance experience, or many years of insurance experience. We have insurance programs with admitted carriers, non-admitted carriers, risk retention groups, and PEO’s. We have insurance solutions for just about any kind of roofing company.


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I have general liability, homeowners insurance and also workman's comp insurance for my business with Executive and I have been very happy with the coverage and rates that they have been able to get for me. I have recommended them to several people and I always tell them that they are really good with me and to give them a call.
Walter H.
Executive Insurance Group is always there when I need them and are good about answering all of my questions about my policies. I feel like they continually give me the best coverage for the bests price that they can. They are very good with me.
Teri J.